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There's A New Jewelry Designer In Town: Who Is Vashti ..?

Where have you been this whole time?

When you're looking for the one ring, the one that checks ALL the boxes, the one you're going to wear for the rest of your lives together... It has to be just right! Right?! Where do you find it? There are far too many combinations out there for the ring that you want, to be in the store you're going to this weekend, just like that..

So where exactly is it that you are you're going to find the one that checks ALL the boxes?

Did you ever hear the joke; "Why do you always find something in the last place you looked?" "Because you stop looking when you find it!" yeah, I know.. an oldie but a goodie.. But why not just find something in the first place you look? Here's where I can be of service.

There's a New Jewelry Designer in Town: Who is Vashti By Design? , Profile Picture

Say Hello To Your New Personal Jewelry Designer!

My name is Vashti, I am the owner & creator of Vashti By Design. I started my jewelry career in Perth, Western Australia in a part-time job at a (then) family owned chain-store. It was not long before I fell in-love with my role. I have a natural gift & this is my passion. I'm not your typical salesperson, I'm a creator, a designer. I create works of art.

When I began working with a designer in a smaller family owned & operated jewelry store, I was inspired to say the least! I learned the essential difference in the quality of product when you get to a more personal, yet more professional level of jewelers. I worked closely with the jewelers on the bench & quenched my thirst for knowledge about the why's & how's of making jewelry. I learned more about diamonds & gems than the usual fun-facts & understood why quality matters. I need to believe in the value my product holds, what it has to offer.

I had clientele that would return to request to see me, because they knew I would understand what they were after. They knew I could visualize & sketch what they would explain to me. They trusted me. It was during this role that I began to see my path. I knew my calling wasn't just to sell run of the mill jewelry, I knew that I could create something unique and beautiful for each & every client I had!

Have you ever had someone cry tears of joy for something that you have done for them? It's amazing, it's beautiful & awesome. It's empowering.. I have had moments like these. Each one is special to me, and I'll never forget.

It was moments like these, that formed the ethics and morale that have shaped my career into what it is today. It would lead me to open my own Jewelry Design business, a different kind of Jewelry Design business. One addressing the needs of those who just can't find what they're looking for or who are not looking necessarily, but know exactly what they want, and need someone to help guide them in the right direction. So, I became that someone, A Diamond & Jewelry Design Specialist Consultant.


It doesn't hurt that I'm also as obsessed with Gems 💎 as I am with Jewelry!💍

In my 20+ years in jewelry, working with Jewelers, with Gemologists, with Jewelry

Designers, I have really followed along the path of design. With a natural gift of creativity and an understanding of language, my skills have evolved, enabling me to really understand what my clients are looking for, creating that perfect piece just for them.

I love the details, the exquisite pieces, the wonders of the earth that have formed these beautiful rocks and I love learning how they came to be what they are. I love the history in gems & jewelry, it's all part of a whole other world to me.

This is why I love what I do. I find what it is you're searching for, and I take you with me on this amazing, exciting journey, to really experience the phenomenon, each component that ultimately, becomes the creation of your own Vashti By Design Jewelry. Created to Inspire, Designed for You.

Vashti Colon Echevarria.

Vashti By Design.

+1 (913) 289 2284

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