Welcome to Vashti By Design!

Hi! Welcome to Vashti By Design! I'm as new to this forum as you are, so we can explore this Membership thing together.. I really love the idea of having our own little community to share thoughts, news & ask any questions you like..

Me, I'm going to run with a bit of a theme.. I could talk about gems & jewelry all day! So I'm going to focus a little on Australian Gems at first. Australia has so much to offer! And of course yours truly is from Australia herself, so why wouldn't I start there? But I'm not going to open that gold mine just yet.. this is just a quick word to welcome you & introduce myself.

I'm big on feedback, so any questions or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, answered as best as I can & thoroughly considered.

So lets get this party started & see if I can take this baby to the stars!

-Vashti x

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