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About Vashti By Design

Vashti By Design is a concept that has been growing & evolving over many years. I come from an extensive background of jewelry sales & design. Of all the years in my career, the experience that I hold closest to my heart, & that which I value the most, are the years I spent working with manufacturing jewelers & designing what my clients really wanted.

I have acquired a keen eye for quality as well as extensive knowledge of diamonds, precious metals & gems. I have worked with an incredibly talented jeweler, who taught me so much about the conceptual & detailed aspects of jewelry design, a jeweler who just spoke the same ‘language’. He understood & carefully constructed every little detail that I had envisioned for my clients. I was truly blessed to have been able to work with such craftsmanship.

In addition to the privilege of working with such talent, I fell in love with being part of the emotional journey that my clients were embarking on. Be it the excitement of a surprise proposal, followed by a dream wedding; or a somber creation of a piece that will forever be a reminder of loved ones lost... I have always, humbly embraced the opportunities presented to me. I found satisfaction in being able to help my clients express their love, through timeless pieces individualized to suit their own unique qualities. I can help you to find the perfect diamond or precious gem, discuss & design your vision & make your dream come true!

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