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Innovative Product


These items are all previous designs of Vashti's, created in conjunction with clientele who have remained loyal followers!

"Each piece has its own unique story, with which I have had both the honor & privilege to have been invited to partake in. I hope you will enjoy reading about each individually crafted design. This journey, now & forever remains a special moment in time, a story to share, represented by the jewelry that we create together."

- Vashti

Marble Surface

Custom Designs

Written In The Stars

Written in the Stars is a design that was recreated from a client's existing pendant. She wanted the same pendant but in 18ct White Gold and Diamonds. This one was to be a surprise 30th birthday gift. A unique challenge in having to replicate a design from a distance, this make was a complete success! Representative of the Constellation Dorado and having a star in Natural Blue Zircon, this pendant has a beautiful story to match. The Star shown by the Blue Zircon, indicates the corresponding star that was named as a gift for the 21st Birthday of this special lady & is also a birthstone of December. Each of the remaining brightest stars of the constellation are featured in the slightly larger Diamonds along the shape of the pendant.


Platinum Princess

The Platinum Princess Bridal Set was created as a special surprise for a girlfriend of mine, in collaboration with her now fiancé, Jason. It was a great honor as well as a new challenge for me to create something from a long distance, but more-so for a beautiful, well deserving friend! 
The rings are superior grade Platinum with an 18k Rose Gold accent bridge under the setting. All Diamonds are ethically-sourced, eco-friendly grown diamonds. The center half-carat, E color, VVS grade diamond is laser inscribed & certified by IGI.

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink was an absolute delight to design & working with 'The Men' is always a favorite when a surprise is involved! It's fun & exciting, yet challenging & sometimes troublesome! All the while, he's nervously wondering how on earth she has not even noticed?!

This spectacular beauty is hand-crafted in platinum, set with alternating natural, earth-born pink sapphires & clean white diamonds. The wedding ring contains a single blue diamond, a color in common, symbolizing the connection they share with each other. The star of the show, a D color, SI1 graded, ethically-sourced diamond, is both eco-friendly grown & certified in Australia along with a laser inscription.

*Special Thanks to Tighe Jewellery Studio for handmaking this masterpiece on my behalf*


The Boy's in Blue

The platinum partner to 'Pretty In Pink' is my favorite gents' ring to date! Eloquently simplistic yet uniquely patterned. The natural Australian blue sapphires, connecting the two wedding rings together in representation of love as deep as the oceans, are complimented by two earth-born carré cut diamonds keeping the square theme within the design. The 9mm wide 15g masterpiece is softened with a rounded finish & smooth comfort curve on the inside to enhance the luxurious feel for the wearer. This ring was a challenge to get all elements working together in harmony, but was worth every second put into it! And the result? See for yourself, although, pictures will never do this ring the justice of its true style & sophistication.

The Perfect Pear

The Perfect Pear was created in collaboration with my clients. She had ideas, & he had a budget! After going through the essential 4Cs of diamonds with my clients, & gaining a good understanding of what she was after, we aligned the budget to coincide with characteristics that really mattered. We saved his dollars but not her happy tears!
This ring is made in a superior grade Platinum, & contains a Pear Cut diamond surrounded by almost a half carat of high grade, white diamonds in halo and split-shank. The center E color, SI2 grade diamond is laser inscribed & certified by GIA.

pt pear diamond halo split band.jpg
oval rose gold halo and split shoulders.jpg

Love's A Beach

Love is a like a sunset walk along a tropical beach! When colleague-come-friends decided the time had finally arrived, a nice little surprise "anniversary gift" was on the cards! You know she got the absolute, most sparkling Oval Cut diamond I could find! After-all she had been so patient waiting all those years... to top it off the destination was just as beautiful - one of the stunning, crystal clear beaches of the West Australian Coastline! 
18k Rose gold makes this ring stand out from the crowd, whilst the diamonds are set into a Platinum setting. All Diamonds naturally grown. The center 0.80ct, E color, VS grade diamond is laser inscribed & certified by GIA.

Wedded Bliss

This His & Hers Bridal Set, was a wonderful family affair! His ring an 18k Rose Gold with Platinum inlay. Hers a modest White Gold, showcasing a beautiful split-claw set row of brilliance, designed to compliment and perfectly match with her Engagement Ring. All Diamonds naturally grown and set half-way around.


Fleur de Padparadscha
The Wedding Ring Edit

A magical twist could possibly be the only way to compliment Vashti By Design's own Padparadscha Dream! This simple & elegant Wedding Ring was designed with precision to sit alongside and snuggled-up under the Padparadscha Pink Sapphire and Diamond bloom.
Crafted in 18ct Rose Gold with a slight knife edged detail, matching up perfectly with the Engagement Ring.

Roses Red & Zircons Blue...

Roses Red & Zircons Blue,

I had a dream & I made it for you!
This design is pretty & really quite sweet,

Enough on its own, it is such a treat!

You see Zircons are an exceptional gem, it's true

If you knew what I know, you'd fall in love with them too!

They are the oldest mineral known to mankind,

created by Earth & perfectly timed.

Natural colors of red., orange, & blue,

Or brown, green or yellow, the choice up to you...

This pendant was made with love, but don't forget

it has matching earrings and a ring in the set!

18ct blue zircon pend1.jpg

Eternal Love

This Platinum Wedding Ring is as solid as it looks...
Apparently, so is the Marriage!!
This ring weighs in at a good 7grams & contains a sparkling 1.40 carat total weight in E color, VS grade Natural round diamonds!

This 'Chunky' version of a classic shared-claw wedding ring is a style sure to compliment any engagement ring no matter the size...

Of course, variations of the design are plenty abound & can be tailored to suit individual tastes.


Love's Secret Twist

Love's Secret Twist, so named for its little secret designs integrated within the inside of the band. These details represent the birthplace of each other, with their respective birthstones set inside. I felt so privileged to have been asked to create this ring & join my clients on the initial phase of their journey to become one.
This ring is crafted in superior grade Platinum, all Diamonds are ethically-sourced, eco-friendly grown diamonds. The center half carat, E color, VVS grade diamond is laser inscribed & certified by GIA.

Fleur de Padparadscha

The Fleur de Padparadscha is probably my favorite ring to date. This ring was designed in collaboration with the client who is also an artist. This is a very soft floral design, accentuated with it's 18k rose gold, soft peachy pink sapphire & stunning, white, natural diamonds surrounding it.. The Padparadscha Sapphire is named after the location from where they are most commonly found & are usually identified by the peachy-pink tones of colors displayed within. These are an exceptional gem, favored by collectors worldwide.

Caitlin's Post.jpg
01c7b512b2865bf826e0f619120e4e4ec0b7a1a66b edited.jpg

Upgrade You
The Wedding Ring Edit

If you're familiar with Beyoncé, you'll know I must graciously credit her for the namesake of this Engagement & Wedding ring Bridal Set. This remake was just as special as the couple for which these rings were crafted.

A tribute to the original form, the engagement ring upgrade, embraces old features, but adds more bling! The wedding ring of course perfectly matching sits along side to create the beauty & bedazzlement deserved by a Queen.

Golden Rays of Light

Oh how this pendant inspires! A 21st birthday gift for a budding Marine Biologist, this is one which has inspired many designs yet to be crafted! The natural blue sapphires in this design representing shining water droplets, a dolphin swimming through ocean waves spliced with rays of golden sunlight. It speaks of tranquility, calm, peace, youth & beauty!

9y rays of light pend edit.jpg
fitted wedding ring website_edited.png

A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match was an awesome experience. This client was struggling to find a wedding ring that fit the engagement ring she was given, passed down from her mother. With the shape of the ring, she wasn't

going to find a ready made band. I designed this wedding ring to look part of a set, one of a kind, never to be repeated... This ring was hand made in 18ct yellow gold with fine grade white diamonds. The ornate swirls and grain setting blended in perfectly with the engagement ring. My client was over the moon with this design & it's still one of Vashti By Design's most beautiful pieces!

Diamonds For My Girl

Diamonds for My Girl pendant is designed & re-created from three different rings. A gift to a Daughter at a distance. A wedding gift. Mom & Grandma's rings blended into one.

A design that is simple & elegant.

This pendant was crafted by hand in 18ct White Gold & utilizes both the gold & diamonds from the original rings.

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