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Sales Policies
Terms Of Sale

At Vashti By Design, we work hard to provide exceptional customer service & products. Please check out our store policies below to understand exactly how we operate. Contact us if you have further questions and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to serving you.

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Privacy Policy

Vashti By Design does not share personal or private details with anyone.

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Returns & Refunds

Vashti By Design does not offer Returns or Refunds for change of mind or dissatisfaction except for under very strict circumstances. Vashti By Design products are created as one-off items to your specific requirements. All clients will sign, acknowledge & give explicit Go-Ahead prior to each stage of production. Each stage of your make will entail payment for man-hours as well as materials & expertise, these services are non-refundable. All efforts will be made to resolve any discrepancies prior to applying for refund on behalf of a client. If a partial-refund is warranted for manufacture fault, this can be applied for & if approved, may take up to 4 - 6 weeks for funds to become available.

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Warranty Information

Vashti takes great pride in her product & guarantees its craftmanship & quality. Often times jewelry suffers under heavy wearing as the metals used are not designed for strength, but for beauty. It is for this reason that frequent cleaning & checking of settings is highly recommended so as to avoid any preventable damages resulting from wear & tear as this is not covered under warranty. Taking good, regular care of your jewelry is of the utmost importance for keeping your items in immaculate condition. It is not recommended to use harsh detergents or chemicals on your jewelry as it can cause irreversible damage. Vashti will discuss with you, the best practice for keeping your jewelry clean according to your individual item's needs.

Vashti By Design takes no responsibility for the conditions products are subjected to outside of Vashti By Design's exclusive possession.

Although Vashti By Design takes all care in individualized manufacturing processes, from time to time, some issues may arise which could be considered under manufacturing or craftsmanship warranty. These types of issues will typically arise within the first 12 months. Therefore, Vashti By Design guarantees jewelry for the initial 12 months from the date of purchase. Please contact Vashti directly for any concerns you may have with your jewelry at the soonest opportunity so that issues can be assessed & resolved accordingly.

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Shipping & Delivery at Vashti By Design

Vashti By Design will ship to you free of charge for items purchased with a value over $2,000. Shipping to Vashti By Design will be arranged, and paid for, by the customer.

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